Is your Business Website Getting the Constant Attention it Deserves?

Is your Business Website Getting the Constant Attention it Deserves?

October , 17 2022
Business is increasingly competitive in this digital age. Getting your message out there effectively takes skill and experience. And so often, without a professional business website, it fails to connect and deliver the results you need.
How would you evaluate your business website content?
  • Outdated
  • Inaccurate
  • Incomplete
  • No organic traffic
  • In English only

If you chose (1), then we offer Website Content Maintenance

If you chose (2), then we offer Content Gap Analysis

If you chose (3), then we offer Content Inventory

If you chose (4), then we offer SEO Check & Update

If you chose (5), then we offer Localization Service


So, what’s wrong with your business website?

Be objective, and look at your online business content through a potential customer’s eyes. Does it stand out and grab attention? Are you using the language most familiar to your target market? 

Is it worded to resonate with today’s buyers, and importantly, does it offer in-depth, relevant, and accurate information? Even if you can tick all those boxes but still fail to generate organic traffic, it is time to get the professionals on board.

Never forget that the quality of your website speaks volumes about the way you approach your business.

If your website business content is tired and outdated, our Website Content Maintenance will reinvent it, re-energize it, and relaunch it in the tone of voice and style that will deliver your message loud and clear.

If your business content seems generic and does not highlight your special edge, then it is time to go back to the core of who you are and what you do and revamp your website to let that shine through.

Rebrand your business digitally with concise, to-the-point content in today’s language, backed up by riveting design.

Show your history, the journey that led your company to where it is today, as well as your services, products, and business ethos. As ContentME, we implement a proven methodology, tailoring text to resonate with your stakeholders and target audience across a broad spectrum of industries. Our consistent track record speaks for itself.

Maybe the information your current website provides doesn’t represent the facts fully and clearly. Our Content Gap Analysis will sort that out in no time, leaving your audience in no doubt as to who you are, what you do, and why you are the right choice.

Capture the attention of every potential stakeholder. Any missed opportunity offers your competitors leverage in an aggressive business environment. ContentME is known for its content marketing expertise and excels at identifying what content will make your brand visible and result in real business value.

Success comes through focus and an informed grasp of what resources you have and how to promote them. It’s all in the details. If you don’t give the full picture by having a well-organized, navigable website, how can potential stakeholders understand the value of what you offer?

Our Content Inventory will solve that problem fast. We assemble and manage your business website content and data according to established protocols that have been proven over time, giving you a valuable edge in your business development.

Content Marketing Related Vector Illustration. Flat Modern Design for Web Page, Banner, Presentation etc.

You have followed the rule book, and everything on your website fits the bill, but the online views don’t reflect this. So, maybe it’s time to look at an SEO Check and Update.

If your business website is great, but only in English, you may be missing an important slice of your potential market.

Our Localization Service will create translated content geared to cultural norms in a tone of voice that resonates. Our market research strengths enable us to stay abreast of societal nuances, allowing us to engage an audience with a vocabulary that is immediately relatable and relevant.  

For a high-impact market presence, you need to be fresh, informative and offer real value that can compete against a plethora of hungry competitors. Stand out from the crowd:

What sets you up there as a market leader?        

It takes hard work, insight and expertise, great customer service, and investment in manpower and materials to be ahead of the pack. And you did it! So, let the market know. ContentME is not shy about giving case studies, showing how your company created success stories, one after another. Each satisfied customer is a stepping stone to greater achievements.

Above all, let ContentME guide you in how to be accessible and responsive. Each inquiry is just another of those success stories waiting to happen.

You are the experts; let it be known

Showcase your industry knowledge, your vision, and your achievements. ContentME is skilled at presenting your strengths and attributes by applying industry-relevant terminology and highlighting recognized areas of expertise.

We create content that accents your credibility by providing real success stories that have been a part of your journey. We know how to keep your name visible with blogs, white papers, and news updates, all driving your brand toward new levels of prominence in a rapidly moving marketplace.

Today’s world challenges businesses as never before. ContentME has its finger on the pulse of what works in the market and consistently applies this cohesively and seamlessly in well-crafted content that reaches its target. That is our mission, and we do it well.

At ContentME, we have helped many businesses leverage their experience by creating their content pieces on these items, and we could see the impact on their traffic and their relationships with their audiences.