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Creating marketing content for your target audience is the most powerful way to build relationships on a large scale. As businesses start to grow, it becomes impossible to maintain a one-on-one relationship with every existing and prospective customer. That’s why a content gap analysis is so important.

Content Gap Analysis Service

If you’re overlooking a customer segment from your content strategy, you’ll miss out on key relationship-building opportunities. You’ll also create space for competitors to jump in and capture business that could be yours.

If you’re going to be successful, then your content must meet your users’ needs, exceed your competition and create business value.


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Maybe the information your current website provides doesn’t represent the facts fully and clearly.

  • Our Content Gap Analysis will sort that out in no time, leaving your audience in no doubt as to who you are, what you do, and why you are the right choice.
  • Capture the attention of every potential stakeholder, any missed opportunity offers your competitors leverage in an aggressive business environment.


ContentME is known for its content marketing expertise and excels at identifying what content will make your brand visible and result in real business value.

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Attentive & creative company. Perfect for those who do not have the time or talent to create content! Herve Pourcines
Perfect service i feel that they are part of our company due to the high dedication and attention to small details Sherine Ataya
Great effort and attention with all the small details, thus come out with a perfect copywriting content.Thank you ContentME for your good Job. Ahmed Khalil
Understanding of the technicalities of the business was remarkable. Attention and follow-up with everyone involved from our team to facilitate the job and get it done. They go above and beyond our expectations. Khaled Ahmed
Going the extra mile with the client who is not ready with the exact words of describing the brand is usually not the agency work but with ContentME this is not the case they understand your brand and create you the exact right story that fits your brand in addition the commitment on time & room of amendments Ahmed Allam
I felt extremely confident from the early beginning when we start working with Content Me on Spinneys new website. The team members are extremely organized, dedicated and dependable when working to deadlines, and I have greatly appreciated their constant attention to detail. I would recommend Content Me for any variety of projects, as they are creative and versatile, and they adapt very well to the needs of their clients. They always walked the extra mile to meet particular needs, and I would be happy to work with them again for future projects. Mohamed ElNagar - Spinneys Egypt